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Organizing With Ink Pad Holders

April 27, 2012Click to subscribe

When you are actively involved in scrapbooking, working with crafts or just performing regular office work, you can easily find yourself facing a disorganized pile of items ranging from scrapbook paper to a jumble of different-colored ink pads. Fortunately, there are several elegant and space-saving solutions for storing your collection of ink and stamp pads.

Two designs stand out from a space-saving point of view. The first is the wall-mounted design. This is typically a metal or plastic container similar in shape to a bookshelf that contains row upon narrow row for placing and storing ink pads. This ink pad holder is either directly attached to a wall or simply rests against a wall while sitting firmly on a desk or other flat piece of furniture. The very top of these holders often contain divided storage areas for ink pad accessories or other office supplies. The other holder design that saves space is the turntable. This holder has ink pad slots organized along four faces surrounding a pivot mechanism that turns the holder. You simply turn the holder to whichever side is storing the particular ink pad you want. Regardless of which design you choose, both remove unwanted clutter and organize your collection of ink pads.

Investing in an efficient ink pad holder is a good idea since you never again have to worry about digging through a disorganized pile to find the ink pad you want. Any item that helps organize your life saves more of your precious time and maximizes your enjoyment of every minute.

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  • Posted: 3/23/2012
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