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How to Use Embossing Ink Pads

Add some excitement to your crafts by learning how to use embossing ink pads to create unique raised textures. All you need is card stock, the stamps for your design, embossing powder, a heat gun and your embossing ink pad to begin.

  1. First: Press it out

    Press your stamp to your embossing ink pad evenly, but not too firmly. Embossing ink takes longer to dry, allowing you to stamp multiple times before using your powder.

  2. Second: Powder it up

    Apply the embossing powder over your stamped design. Shake it out gently or use a paintbrush to apply powder to delicate places. Gently tap the excess powder off the paper and back into the jar for later use.

  3. Third: Glue it down

    Use a heat gun to melt your embossing powder in place. The result is a textured surface where the ink and powder were applied. Touch up the design with your glue gun in any necessary areas.